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Wine Festival Kavadades

Wine Festival 


 Saturday 17 September


The annual wine festival in Kavadades with live music by local bands and with lots of dancing, eating and of course wine drinking.

Wine Fest Arillas

Days of Wine and Culture in Arillas, Corfu - Wine Fest Arillas Days of Wine and Culture


 9 and 10 September

 20:00 en-gr

For the 6th time this 2day cultural event will show all the steps of traditional wine production, present dance shows and songs of the region.

Traditional Feast in Arillas with free wine and music! 

Panigyri Velonades

Velonades Village Fest


 Saturday 10 September



Byzantine Music Lessons

Byzantine Music Lessons Corfu - Lefkimmi - Magoulades
 Free educational program

 Corfu Town - Magoulades - Lefkimmi


 Organized by the Byzantine Choir and the Conservatory of Corfu

Return of "The Omorfaschimi"

Natalia Kapadistria presents the Omorfaschimoi 'The Ugly Beauty'

 by Natalia Kapodistria


 Municipal Gallery of Corfu
 Garden of the Old Palace

 Friday 9 September - 21:00

 Ήταν μια παράσταση ενός προσώπου.
 Παρά ταύτα είδα πολλά πρόσωπα να παρελαύνουν στη σκηνή, ...

The Lonely Palace

Emi Avora - The Lonely Palace Emi Avora

 Municipal Gallery 


 until Sunday 11 September

World-renowned Corfu-born Artist presents her paintings of lavish decor and opulent interiors.

Giorgos Tsalikis Live

Giorgos Tsalikis Live at Versus, Acharavi Versus Bar
 Saturday 3 September

 23:00 (estimate)


DJ James Benitez

DJ James Benitez at Au Bar Corfu
 Au Bar
 Friday 2 September

 Well known worldwide electronic music producer. Music samples inside.

Show Me Love
Show Me Love - Johnny Gerontakis, SP Sakkatos, at W night club Corfu

 W Night Club


 Saturday 3 September
 22:00 (estimate)


 Music by Johnny Gerontakis, SP Sakkatos, Steve (live vocals).


Painting Exhibition by Mary Kassar

Painting exhibition Mary Kassar in Anemomylos, Windmill Corfu
 Anemomylos (Windmill Corfu)
 2 - 10 September
 18:00 to 22:30


 Group exhibition M. Kassar, N. Voutyras, G. Papayannakis

Summer Dancing Fridays

Summer Dancing Fridays 
 Roll Over The Music

 Palaio Frourio Bar
 23:30 - 06:30 (Saturday morning) 

 with Lakis Skiadopoulos on decks


Greek Traditional Costume Show

Elikionades - traditional costume show Corfu Municipal Gallery, Gallery Lounge
 (Old Palace Garden)

 Wednesday 7 September


 A wealth of cultural heritage with colors, weaves and clothing styles of the past.
 Learn about the symbols of status, marriage, and mourning in the
                      traditional folklore costumes.

                      Presented by Elikoniades.

Mickey Pantelous

Mickey Pantelous and the One Can Show and the One Can Show

 with Dr. Albert Flipout

 Ambelonas en-gr

 Saturday 3 September - 21:30

 Mickey Pantelous and his One CAN show for the first time in Corfu. 

 Music and interview videos inside.

Sound Machine Live

 Sound Machine - Rock Music Live at Palaio Frourio CorfuPalaio Frourio Cafe

 Friday 2 September
 Rock Band with repertoire of Uriah Heep, Socrates, and REM performing at the Old Fort.
Latin Dance Party

Latin Dance Nights at Megusta 

 Me Gusta

 Saturday 3 September

 21:00 (estimate)

 Music by Giorgos Athanasiou

Funky Monkey Live

Funky Monkey Live at Medusa Bar In Liapades, Corfu
 Medusa Bar, Liapades
 Friday 2 September



Latin Dance Nights in Gouvia

 Three MonkeysLatin Dance Night in Gouvia on Thursdays

 Mexican Kitchen, Gouvia
 Every Thursday - 22:00

 by Corfu Dance School 'Eurodance

Bad Teacher

Bad Teacher with Cameron Diaz 

 Foinix Open Air Cinema

 from 29 August - 22:00


 Potty-mouthed and pot-smoking teacher Elizabeth (Cameron Diaz)
 doesn't care about her job or the students.
 All she is interested in, is landing a man.
 If you are a fan of raunchy humor this crude comedy might be for you, watch the trailer.

DJ Christian Cambas

Christian Cambas Au Bar

 Friday 16 September
 22:00  (estimate) 
 DJ and producer, based in Athens.

                                Greece's foremost proponent of Electronic Dance Music.
                                -  Music samples and Bio inside.

Anastasia Krokidi and Theofilos Grammenos

Anastasia Krokidi and Theofilos Grammenos  Αναστασία Κροκίδη – Θεόφιλος Γραμμένος

 05 September - 14 November
 weekdays 9:00-14:00 and 18:00-21:00



Taxidi II by Josef Psencik

Taxidi II by Josef Psencik Polytechno

 4-12 September
 19:00 - 24:00


 Czech artist shows paintings and sculptures. 
                      Impressions on video inside.

Basic Ground

Basic Ground The Basic Ground / Βασικό 'Εδαφος



 T'ai Chi and Meditation with Tew Bunnag
 Relayed to Athens!

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Issos Beach has good surfing winds in September © WhatsUp-Corfu

Issos Beach has good surfing winds in September © WhatsUp-Corfu

Palaiokastritsa © WhatsUp-Corfu

Palaiokastritsa © WhatsUp-Corfu

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