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Melina Aslanidou 

Melina Aslanidou

7Arts Venue, Viros 

29 February 22:00

Melina Aslanidou’s life begins in Stuttgart, Germany, the daughter of Greek parents. With a career that spans genres and collaborations with some of Greece’s most noteable artists, we welcome her on this, the 2010 Encore tour.


Saturday, 29 January 2011
22:00 h

Melina ASLANIDOU "... first Unplugged!! ' on Corfu!

Telephone reservations: 697. 43 54 460
Admission: 15,- €

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Melina Aslanidou @ 7 

Melina Aslanidou’s life begins in Stuttgart, Germany, the daughter of Greek parents. Soon after her birth the family moves to Greece and Melina grows up in Paralimni, Yiannitsa.


Her involvement with Greek music starts at a very young age while she is still in primary school and she joins the choir of Paralimni. There she becomes acquainted with the music of Pontos, the Byzantium and the traditional music of Thrace. During her school years, she is actively involved with the choir and various theatre productions.

At the age of 18 Melina moves to Thessaloniki for studies and there she begins to sing in various student venus.



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In 1996 she meets Christos Mitrentzis, a leading traditional folk musician with whom she collaborates the following year at ‘Kepengia’, a musical production. In 1998 they continue their working relationship at “Petrino tou Milou” and in 1999 Photis Theodoridis and Yiannis Kirmos join them. Together that year, they also participate in the Womad Festival in Berlin as representatives of the traditional music scene of Greece.


In 2000, Melina, Photis and Yiannis form the band “Embros Emeis” and continue their shows at the same location they started to perform together.

2001 – the year that kick starts everything. The “Apenantoi” band is created and their first CD single “To parelthon thimithika” is released featuring the song “Ti ‘sou kana ke pineis” by Mimis Plessas and Lefteris Papadopoulos. The song becomes an instant hit. While the song is originally performed by Poly Panou, Aslanidou not only brings it back to the spotlight, but more importantly her interpretation adds a very unique flavour, making it more popular than the original release. The band tours live across Greece and Cyprus.


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In 2002 Melina departs from the band and moves to Athens. During that winter she meets George Dalaras who sees her potential and suggests they work together. They start to perform together at “Zigos” and that summer they go on tour holding concerts around Greece, Berlin and Budapest. Melina also participates in a concert held for Lefteris Papadopulos at Prespes.


Simultaneously, she takes part in the album recording by Nikos Antipas, Yiannis Spathas and Lina Nikolakopoulou “Oposdipote Parathiro” with the song “Nai Tha Po” which immediately climbs at the top of all Greek radio charts.
April 2003. Melina’s first personal album is released with the title “To Perasma”. That summer she collaborates with Dimitra Galani and tours selected cities across Greece. Later towards the end of the year she participates in Nikos Portokaloglou’s album “I Dipsa”.

Melina starts her own appereances around Greece as well as Athens, giving empasis to songs from her album “To Perasma”. Together with her in these appereances is Tasos Mbourmas, a renowned Greek composer who is responsible for the musical arrangement of the album.


Winter 2004. Melina appears live by Eleftheria Arvanitaki’s side with Isaiah Matiamba and their collaboration continues well into the summer with tours across Greece. Towards the end of the same year, Melina works with Yiannis Kotsiras, Manolis Famellos and Rallia Hristidou at FIX in Thessaloniki and KERAMIKOS in Athens.




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In the summer of 2005 she tours with the three around Greece and Cyprus.
That summer, two years after her debut album, Melina returns with a CD Single “3 wishes” with three songs by Antonis Vardis – “Sinthimata”, “Aoriti Pliyi”, “To Lathos”.


September 2005. Melina’s second personal album is released with title “Pehnidi Einai” and it’s then that Melina seals her identity as a contemporary singer with deep roots in the “laiko” genre which she interprets in her unique style. Antonis Vardis and Stefanos Korkolis recognise that in her and write the music for all twelve songs on the album.



In winter of 2005 Melina works closely with Orfeas Peridis in a series of succesfull live performances in Athens and Thessaloniki while simultaneously they travel all around Greece giving concerts to bigger audiences.


Winter of 2006 finds her on Dimitris Mitropanos side along with Glikeria and Stelios Dinisiou for a few shows in Athens. A few months later she’s giving her own show at ‘Metro” where she showcases much loved songs from the past together with three important musicians, Manolis Karantinis, Yiannis Papazahariakis and Ntasos Kourtis.
In the spring of 2007 together with George Dalars and Mihalis Tzouganakis they go on tour around various European cities. In that same period the CD single “Psila Takounia” is released.


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In the summer of 2007, Melina with Kostas Makedonas hold concerts in Greece while in winter she works with Manos Pirovolakis and Yiorgos Karadimos in a musical production titled “Ena mitho Tha Sas Po”.

February of 2008 finds her next to Rallia Hristidou again, at “Stavros Tou Notou Apenanti” at a unique musical production called “Are U Sick Enough”. Their collaboration continues into the summer with a tour of Greece. They both return to “Stavros Tou Notou Apenanti” for more shows.

December 2008. A ‘Best Of” album is released titled “Sto Dromo”. It features her best moments from her days with “Apenanti” and songs from her solo albums. There are also three new songs and two covers of Eleni Vitali’s “Ena Heimoniatiko Proino” and Sokratis Malamas’ “Pringipessa”.

2009, Summer. Melina works with Eleftheria Arvanitaki, performing live around Greece. Later in December, together with Glikeria, Hristo Nikolakopoulo and Kosta Karafoti they perform at a series of shows at “Plato” in Athens.

A milestone in her career is the live concert at the historic Town Hall in Manhattan, New York as part of a tribute to “The Songs of Greek Cinema”.

In October 2010, Melina Aslanidou ventures to Australian shores for the very first time. Accompanying George Dalaras and Michalis Tzouganakis, she plays Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney in what will be one of the highest calibre musical experiences we have had in a very long time.







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Σάββατο 29 Ιανουαρίου


Η ΜΕΛΙΝΑ ΑΣΛΑΝΙΔΟΥ «...για πρώτη φορά Unplugged!!»


στο “7 Τεχνών τόπος” στην Κέρκυρα


Κάθε παράσταση και ένα μουσικό ταξίδι
με τη δυνατή ερμηνεία της Μελίνας
και τους βιρτουόζους Αντρέα Καραντίνη στο μπουζούκι και
Μανόλη Ανδρουλιδάκη στην κιθάρα.


Μουσικές και τραγούδια που όλοι αγαπήσαμε και σιγοτραγουδήσαμε πατώντας


σε σύγχρονα και λαϊκά μονοπάτια.


Μεγάλες επιτυχίες της Μελίνας όπως «Το Λάθος», «Όσα δεν σου είπα», «Συνθήματα», «Ναι θα πω», το ολοκαίνουργιο «Άλλη Μια Φορά» και φυσικά «Τι σου ΄κανα και πίνεις»...μπλέκονται έντεχνα με παλιά και σύγχρονα λαϊκά τραγούδια σπουδαίων δημιουργών όπως Νικολόπουλος, Καλδάρας, Κουγιουμτζής, Βαρδής και άλλων σε ένα ταξίδι γεμάτο εικόνες από το χθες και το σήμερα.
Η Μελίνα Ασλανίδου έχει ήδη κατακτήσει την θέση της στο λαϊκό τραγούδι. Μέσα από δυνατές συνεργασίες όπως με τους Γιώργο Νταλάρα, Δημήτρη Μητροπάνο, Πασχάλη Τερζή, Ελευθερία Αρβανιτάκη, Δήμητρα Γαλάνη, Γλυκερία, Κώστα Μακεδόνα, αλλά και μέσα από τη δική της προσωπική πορεία τόσο στη δισκογραφία όσο και στις ζωντανές εμφανίσεις της.

Όπως η ίδια συχνά δηλώνει...«το λαϊκό τραγούδι είναι ο άξονάς μου και προσπαθώ να στρέφομαι πάντα γύρω από αυτόν».

Για πρώτη φορά σε μια solo παράσταση αποφασίζει να εκτεθεί και να γίνει ένα με το κοινό έχοντας επί σκηνής μόνο δυο μουσικούς, ενώ το κοινό αποκτά πρωταγωνιστικό ρόλο και καλείται απ την αρχή μέχρι το τέλος να συμμετέχει στη μουσική αυτή αναδρομή, με το ύφος της παρέας...

Η Μελίνα Ασλανίδου, για ακόμα μια φορά θα μας απογειώσει
και θα μας δώσει την αφορμή για να αποδράσουμε από την καθημερινότητα.

“7 Τεχνών Τόπος” Κέρκυρα
Ώρα Προσέλευσης: 21.30 (Ώρα Έναρξης: 22.00)
Τηλέφωνο κρατήσεων: 697. 43 54 460
Τιμή εισόδου: 15,-€




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