Vasilis Stavros 

Vasilis Stavros studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts and graduated with two cum laude distinctions in copper engraving and etching. Today his principal expressive means are in silk screen printing, photography and various photo-hydrography techniques. 

Vasilis Stavros - Painter

Vasilis Stavros originates from Kato Athamanio, county of Arta (1951). He studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts (1969-1974) under a scholarship from the Greek State Scholarships Foundation (I.K.Y.).
His acquaintance with Professors L. Kanakakis, K. Grammatopoulos and G. Moralis proved to be decisive. He graduated with two cum laude distinctions in copper engraving and etching.
Since 1977, silk screen printing (serigraphie), photography, and various photo-hydrography techniques have been his principal expressive means. 

At 15 Vasilis creates his early works, plans and natural landscapes. 
When painter and musician Alexis Boras from Preveza comes to Arta, Vasilis gets the chance to take his first painting lessons.

He moves to Athens in 1969 and enters the Escuela school in fine arts. 
While being thaught by teachers such as N. Nikolaos and I. Kanakakis, he meets the painter Moralis, who impressed him strongly and was a major influence.

He learns special techniques with Mr. Grammatopoulo, and ultimately gets recruited as his assistant,
In 1972 he breaks with the master of art matters, leaving the workshop, and thereby loses his scholarship.

He then simultaneously studies hagiography, music, and photography.  
He graduates in 1974, with two cum-laude's in etching.

In 1977 Vasilis begins studies in artistic screen-printing (serigraphie).
Together with the artist Peirounidi he establishes a special laboratory which was in operation until 1993.
He worked together with well-known artists, such as Gikas, Tsarouchis, Nikolaos Spyropoulos, Moralis, Kessanlis, Tetsis, and others, on the creation of an artistic metaxotypion.

In 1994 Vasilis establishes the "Graphic Laboratory", where she teaches drawing and painting skills until 2006.

Traditional printmaking has little influence on the evolution of art.  
From 1993 Vasilis defines how modern printing techniques can be combined with materials such as acrilic emulsions, temperes, powders and charcoal.















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